Total Storage Solutions, tailored to your requirements

Records Storage Solutions offers you the complete gamut of document storage services.
Start with File Management Services including Packing, Indexing and Interfiling, to Secure Storage of all Media Types, Inbound / Outbound Box, Transportation Services on Regular & Emergency Schedules, Complete Line of Record Storage Containers, Quick Retrievals, Confidential Destruction of Hard Copy, etc.
What's more! Solutions can be tailored to meet individual storage needs and budgets.

Off-Site Records Storage and Management

We take care of your records...

What can Record Storage Systems Do For Your Company?

Record Storage Systems offers a cost effective way to manage and store your sensitive records off-site along with various data. In our secure state of the art facility once your records or media types are cataloged in our computer inventory system retrieval is a snap.

Off-Site Records Storage and Management

  • We take care of your records.
  • Confidential and secure state of the art facility
  • Records retention and purging program
  • Bonded personnel
  • Certified disposal by shredding of unwanted records.

Individualized Support Services

We work with each client to create a customized off-site management program that will specifically meet your company's needs.

  • Customised storage for add sized documents.

The future

Records Storage Solutions is shortly about to enter the e-age with a host of e-services for you under the label of E-dge:

  • File and Document Processing
  • Electronic Document Storage and Digital Document
  • Delivery Services
  • Data Entry
  • Maintenance and Reporting
  • On-Site File Room Management
  • Microfiliming and a whole lot more. These will not only cut processing times by 10 times, but also enable split-second retrievals and more safety.