Frequently asked Questions
This unique service can accomplish the following immediately:
Increased security and protection to your valuable records or data
  • Eliminate company liability
  • Create Clutter free organisation with 100% inventory
  • Save overheads through creating space instead of taking it through in-house storage
  • Free up valuable employee time searching for records or data
  • Total security from fire / pests / thefts.

Off-site records storage and management is the ability to securely manage records or data in a high security facility with the capability of providing 100% accurate inventory, immediate retrieval, delivery and destruction services as needed for clients.

Records and data management is a very economical solution. Contact Record Storage Systems to discover how you cannot only save money with off-site storage & management, but reduce overhead costs immediately.

Records are stored in 1.25 cubic foot boxes or custom made boxes. Our boxes are designed for longer life span in storage. They are overall more solid allowing them to sustain more frequent movement when retrieved out of storage by a client. Clients are welcome to submit their own boxes for storage granted they are in average condition.

The highest security and confidentiality is our top priority at Record Storage Systems. Our 100% pure concrete facility is equipped with a 24-hour security system. Access to your Records or Data is only available to those individuals who have been designated by the client through written notice.

Your records or data are available when you need them. We come to you. Record Storage Systems offers deliveries of data and records to clients twice a day morning and afternoon.

A Record Storage Systems representative is there to help you get started. Just contact us and we can evaluate your needs and offer the right solution. Its very easy.

Please call us your questions and we will respond with an answer to your question within 24 hours. If you need immediate assistance please call our Customer Service Department directly at 020-26138703

Just contact us at the bottom of this page and a Record Storage Systems Representative will get in touch with you directly. Please include your name, company name, and telephone number. Thank you we look forward to speaking with you.

Less than a cup of coffee.

Usually 400 office files take 100 sq. ft. of office space to store. The cost of rentals, furniture, safety, security and management works out to Rs. 10,000/- per month (approx.)., which is Rs. 25/- per file per month. At Record Storage Solutions, this works out to fraction of the above.

All the documents are preserved in total safety and security which has no access to a third person not even to creatures like worms, ants, cocroaches, lezards & rhodants.

Just contact Record Storage Solutions through email or by phone to schedule a consultation at no obligation

It would take 80 years of storage to equal the cost of digital imaging. Today digital imaging becomes even a greater challenge for clients because of the fast changing technology. Once you’ve made the investment, technology can change right under you, making it difficult to retrieve copies of your documents. Many government agencies will not accept copies of scanned documents only originals.