Enjoy the benefits of Record Storage Solutions

Off-site Record and Data Management

  • Safe, secure storage of records and computer data
  • 100% accurate inventory of your records and data
  • No more wasted time spent hunting for records
  • Quick, easy, and accurate retrieval of information
  • Control access to your records and data
  • Secure delivery of your information directly to your office
  • Safety from fire, theft and pest

Cut Costs

  • Enables employees to focus on core business
  • Frees up expensive office space
  • Less costly and more secure than in house storage
  • Reduces the cost of managing your records
  • Off-Site Storage is more cost effective than imaging, CD or microfiche

Liability Management

  • Provides for the scheduled destruction of records when no longer needed
  • Reduces possible legal liability for lost data or misfiled records
  • Preservation of document in condition