Records Storage Solutions is a document storage company that takes care of all your documents in the most scientific, efficient, cost-effective manner. From the identification of what needs to be stored, to its segregation and marking, sorting and packing upto document retrievals.
At Record Storage Solutions, we gaurd your documents with our lives, like an army would gaurd your nation, like a mother would protect your baby. 24x7 state-of-the-art security systems, a controlled environment, concretised storage are for maximum protection from fire, pests, optimum use of office space, a highly affordable cost, customised solutions, speedy retrievals.... when it comes to sound document storage, Record Storage Solutions has the last word. Time you made it your first choice.

Document storage is a tough job

Important Papers: Orders, statements, analysis, quotations; every little piece of paper in business is worth quite a lot. And inevitably, it is this paper that gets lost, ever so often. So much so that, if found it is in bad shape: yellowed, faded or mutilated beyond recognition. Even in the present e-age, where every paper takes a soft form, one still needs the hard copy. In a nutshell, document storage is a tough job and calls for expertise.

How do we store our records? In stacks tied with strings, or in cartons and then we push them into office corners or atop cupboards or simply dump them into some 'extra' room. Enter sunlight, rain, moisture, pests and it's the end of these important documents. They fade or are simply chewed on by restless pests like rats. If that's any less, thieves are out for a grab may run away with your precious documents. Relax!

We'll take good care of your documents for over 100 years.