Increased Security

Our people are carefully chosen: from our agile packer boys to the nosey security supervisor, who watches your documents in a manner that'll put a hawk to shame. Documents are stored in modern buildings built to weather the vagaries of nature and harmful parasites (like thieves, pests etc.). Anti-pest measures, regular cleaning, a 24 x 7 security with state-of-the-art systems (alarms, traps, etc.) ensure that, only those with authority can enter. What's more, our Quick Retrieval Systems retrieve your records in record time.


  • Fire protected.
  • Regularly Pest controlled.
  • Security guards.
  • Sealed Cartons.
  • Access only to authorised person
  • Nobody can access your files / documents except you.
  • Fully sorted and packed in front of you.
  • Retrieval only in presence of authorised person.
  • Flood Free.
  • Riot Free.

Our Infrastructure

  • Ultra modern fire protection security.
  • Regular pest control for all types of threats like rodents, termites, cockraches, lizards and such pests.
  • Located in a Riot Free and Flood Free area.