We have huge storage units for efficiently storing your important and confidential business documents.

We Deliver Quality

We provide high-quality storage facility with our expert organizing skills and a responsibility to keep your documents safe.

Always On Time

On time services is of highest importance at Record Storage Solutions.

We Are Pasionate

We perform segregation and marking, sort and pack your valuable documents and store it with utmost care and security.

About Us

Records Storage Solutions is a document storage company that takes care of all your documents in the most scientific, efficient, cost-effective manner. From the identification of what needs to be stored, to its segregation and marking, sorting and packing upto document retrievals.
At Record Storage Solutions, we gaurd your documents with our lives, like an army would gaurd your nation, like a mother would protect your baby. 24x7 state-of-the-art security systems, a controlled environment, concretised storage are for maximum protection from fire, pests, optimum use of office space, a highly affordable cost, customised solutions, speedy retrievals.... when it comes to sound document storage, Record Storage Solutions has the last word. Time you made it your first choice.

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Services we offer

Records storage and management

We provide off-site record storage facilities that keep your records protected. Our professionals can efficiently optimize your document management.

Confidential certified destruction

Our certifies shredding department will provide with a certificate of destruction for verification that the shredding was done right.

Daily pick up and retrieval of boxes or individual files

Our employees will regularly pick up your documents or even important files and also deliver key documents to you.

Secure hard copy transport and Delivery to Your Door

Utmost care is taken to ensure safety during transport of your document and they are delivered to your door safe and sound.

Express retrievals

We deliver key documents to you without delay, electronically or a hard copy.

Boxes for storage

We carefully store your documents in sturdy boxes which are protected from water, fire or pests.

Computerized file indexing and inventory control

Your documents are indexed with a unique key which enables convenient random access to any document.

Document storage is a tough job

Important Papers: Orders, statements, analysis, quotations; every little piece of paper in business is worth quite a lot. And inevitably, it is this paper that gets lost, ever so often. So much so that, if found it is in bad shape: yellowed, faded or mutilated beyond recognition. Even in the present e-age, where every paper takes a soft form, one still needs the hard copy. In a nutshell, document storage is a tough job and calls for expertise.

How do we store our records? In stacks tied with strings, or in cartons and then we push them into office corners or atop cupboards or simply dump them into some 'extra' room. Enter sunlight, rain, moisture, pests and it's the end of these important documents. They fade or are simply chewed on by restless pests like rats. If that's any less, thieves are out for a grab may run away with your precious documents. Relax!

We'll take good care of your documents for over 100 years.

Off-Site Records Storage and Management

  • Personalized off Site hard copy storage and records management
  • Records retention Scheduling
  • File indexing
  • Bar code tracking
  • Purge and pack and file room relocations
  • Re-boxing and re-labeling
  • Printed materials storage
  • Disposal of unwanted records / Valuable space / manpower / safety / security.

Our Clients


I run an advertising agency in Pune and believe me when I say there were heaps of papers and documents and certificates whose management was beyond my patience. That’s when I decided to look for a storage service. Record storage solution have really helped a lot with all the documents storage and management. They are completely reliable and take care of every aspect when it comes to the customer’s valuable documents.
Chirag Oswal

I am in the legal business and as you can imagine there are always tons of papers and files around me. The court still hasn’t been much digital and you always have to present hard copies. Record Storage Solutions keep my documents safe and sound and they deliver it to me whenever I need them. I am very happy with their services.
Ishaan Deshpande

I work at a CA firm and analyzing documents is all that we do. I have tons of data which needs to be arranged on a daily basis. Record Storage Solution does the managing and storage of all the documents and never have I ever lost one piece of paper. Highly recommended!
Sakshi Shah

Record Storage Solution is one of the most trusted storage services. They have a highly efficient system of storing and managing the documents. They also deliver documents safely to your doorstep.
Pratik Shinde

I am a paralegal at a law firm and you will always find me drowning in court orders, subpoenas, files and boxes of documents. There was no way I could store all that in an office. I hired Record Storage Solution and am very happy with their work. They not only store all the legal and confidential documents efficiently, but also segregate and mark the documents which makes it easier for me to find any random document I need.
Sanket Oswal